GS1 DataBar Coupon Barcode Generation

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This GS1 DataBar Coupon Barcode Generation Tutorial outlines basic steps to create a DataBar Coupon Barcode with IDAutomation DataBar Barcode Fonts or the DataBar Barcode Image Generator. Before these coupon barcodes can be generated, the data to be encoded in the coupon should be determined by obtaining the coupon barcode specification from a GS1 Member Organization or other associated coupon committee.

DataBar Barcode Creation Using The DataBar Barcode Image Generator
  1. Using the DataBar Image Generator to generate coupon symbols as images on the PC is preferred because the images can be pasted easily into other Windows applications, or the file may be saved to a disc for import into a Mac graphic application.
  2. Install the purchased or demo DataBar Image Generator.
  3. Change the Symbology to “DataBar Expanded,” enter the Data to Encode and change the Segments property to 6. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the data, just numbers and parentheses as shown below. The barcode should now appear in the image preview.
    Creating a DataBar Expanded Barcode with the DataBar Barcode Image Generator
  4. Choose the Text & Color tab and disable the human readable text.
    Disable Human Readable Text in the Text & Color Tab
  5. Choose the Caption tab, then enter the GS1 company prefix and offer code. Modify the upper caption space so that the text is a proper distance from the symbol.
    Enter the GS1 Company Prefix and Offer Code in the Caption Field
  6. After the DataBar barcode appears accurately in the image preview, copy and paste the barcode into your application of choice or save it to a file.
    This is an Accurate and Readable DataBar Barcode Image
  7. Test scan the image with an IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner or IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner.
DataBar Barcode Creation Using DataBar Barcode Fonts
  1. IDAutomation DataBar Barcode Fonts may be used on any operating system to create precise, device-independent barcode symbols. When using fonts, each system making use of the symbol must have the font installed unless printed or saved as an image. Fonts may be the best choice for Mac users working with publishing applications such as PhotoShop or Quark XPress.
  2. After purchasing or downloading the demo, install the DataBar barcode fonts. After installation, please reboot the system.
  3. Open the application used to create barcodes and insert a text box. Within the text box, enter the company prefix and offer code.
    Insert a Text Box In Your Application Where the Barcode Will Live
  4. Position the cursor below the company prefix and offer code and change the font to IDAutomation DataBar 34.
  5. Open the Online DataBar Font Encoder or an appropriate Font Encoder Tool.
  6. Enter the data to be encoded with the required parentheses, and choose the DataBar Expanded 6 Segments button. Several letters should appear in the Encoded Text field.Encoded Text Can Look Much Different Than Data To Encode
  7. Highlight all text in the Encoded Text field and copy it to the clipboard.
  8. Paste the copied Encoded Text into the text box and apply the IDAutomation DataBar font. In applications with spell checking such as Microsoft Word, auto-correction lines may appear. This is normal and should not appear in the printed document. If a white line appears within the symbol, set the line spacing to 1.
    Paste The Desired Encoded Text Into Your Text Field
  9. Test scan the result with the IDAutomation USB Scanner or IDAutomation 2D Barcode Scanner.