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The GS1 Digital Link barcode is a single symbol that includes GS1 AIs and a web address. This allows users to scan the barcode and retrieve more information about a product, such as user manual for example. A single GS1 Digital Link replaces the separate UPC barcode and QR Codes usually found on packaging and can also include additional tracking information such as serial numbers, expiration dates, product weight, and the best-before date. Unlike a typical URL that points to a single website, GS1 Digital Link offers a connection to a diverse range of business and consumer information. By using this GS1 standard, a QR code or Data Matrix symbol on a product not only provides a URL for scanning but also incorporates GS1 identifiers. The brand owner retains complete control over the information while connecting to a multitude of sources from one symbol, which enhances efficiency and saves space.

All IDAutomation QR Code and Data Matrix products support GS1 Digital Link, which is encoded as a single URL. Unlike other barcode GS1 symbols that must include the hidden FNC1 character, the Digital Link is only a URL encoded as text. The following symbol encodes the digital link of in a QR Code symbol. This link encodes the website, GTIN and Serial Number in a single symbol.

GS1 Digital Link Barcode Symbol Example






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