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The Swiss QR Bill is a Swiss standard payment specification based on ISO 20022, which is an international standard for data exchanges within the finance industry. is the official website of the Swiss financial center regarding this standardization of payments. The QR Bill is quickly identified with the Swiss Cross in the center of a QR Code symbol. IDAutomation offers an easy method of generating the Swiss Cross in the center of the QR Code by making use of the Center Override option which is exclusive to IDAutomation products.

The following symbol is a Swiss QR Bill Example created from Crystal Reports:

Swiss QR Bill Example in Crystal Reports

Supported Products

This capability is supported in all QR Code product versions 2020 or later including:

Implementation and Sizing

  1. To generate a QR Bill symbol, follow the Swiss Implementation Guidelines. With these instructions, the LF command is used as a separator between fields. In VB scripting applications such as the label software, Access, Excel, and Crystal Reports, the LF is inserted with the Chr(10) and appended to other fields with the & symbol with static data in quotes. For example:
    “SPC” & Chr(10) & “0200” & Chr(10) & “1” & Chr(10) & …
  2. To place the Swiss Cross in the QR Code, append one of the strings below to the end of the data being encoded in the barcode. The 17×17 string (starts with ~COHH) is usually the best size to use. Other sizes are provided below if needed.
    For a detailed example, refer to the Crystal Reports Swiss QR Bill Example.
  3. Change the Version of the symbol to 23. It is necessary to specify the version to match the required symbol size.
  4. Adjust the X dimension of the symbol accordingly so the size of the symbol is 46 x 46 mm and the swiss cross in the center is 7 x 7 mm. The best size to use depends on the product:
    1. When using the IDAutomation 2D font, use 4.5 points.
    2. Native Generators using the Unicode Image method, use the Courier New or Consolas font at 2.5 points or the “IDAutomation 2D S” font at 4.5 points.
    3. For the Native Microsoft Access generator, use 17 mils.
  5. Scan the symbol with the IDAutomation Data Decoder App to verify the symbol size is matching version 23, which is 109 x 109 in version size.
  6. If more data needs to be encoded the symbol will automatically increase in size and the X dimension will need to be reduced accordingly. The maximum version allowed is 25, which is 117 x 117 in version size.
  7. Refer to the Swiss Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill for more information.

QR Bill Swiss Cross Strings

It is recommended to start with the 9×9 size below and adjust the X dimension of the symbol accordingly so the cross is within the specifications of 7 x 7 mm. Refer to the Swiss Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill for more information.






17×17: (This size is usually the best option for versions 23-25)