ApplyTilde Barcode Option Specifications

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The ApplyTilde option is used in IDAutomation Barcode Fonts, Components and Applications to enable various features which utilize the tilde character.

 Option State Description
0 False Formats the data as-is.
1 True Enables processing of tilde and parentheses characters for purposes defined below, such as encoding ASCII functions and AIs.

ApplyTilde is Utilized in the Following Barcode Types

Code 128 Barcodes
  • The IDAutomation implementation of Code 128 offers many options when ApplyTilde is enabled.
    • ASCII Characters may be encoded by using the format ~???. For example, the text of BAR~009CODE~013 will encode BAR <tab> CODE <return>.
    • GS1-128 and FNC1 Functions (UCC/EAN-128) may be encoded with ASCII 202 (character Ê,) or ~202 as the FNC1 before each application identifier (AI). For example, the GS1 data of (8100)712345(21)12ECC200 should be entered as: ~2028100712345~2022112ECC200. In most cases, the AIs will be properly represented in the human readable text. If parentheses are not around the correct number for the AI, enter the following as the FNC1 for the correct number of digits in the AI:ASCII 212 or ~212 = 2 digits        ASCII 213 or ~213  = 3 digits
      ASCII 214 or ~214 = 4 digits        ASCII 215 or ~215  = 5 digits
      ASCII 216 or ~216 = 6 digits        ASCII 217 or ~217  = 7 digitsFor example, to encode (1277)128200, enter ~2141277128200.
    • Mod 10 Check-digits may be generated by using the format ~m?? where ?? is the number of characters preceding the tilde required to calculate the Mod 10 check digit. The additional MOD 10 check digit is commonly used in GS1, UCC and EAN barcode types.
    • FNC2 Functions may be inserted into the DataToEncode string by using ASCII 197 or ~197. For example, Å8012349091. The IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner may be programmed to hold the barcode starting with the FNC2 in memory, and only transmit it to the computer after scanning a barcode containing the FNC1.
PDF417 and Micro-PDF417 Barcodes
  • When ApplyTilde is enabled in PDF417 and Micro-PDF417, the format ~??? may be used to specify the ASCII code of the character to be encoded.
Matrix Barcodes such as Aztec, DataMatrix and QR
  • ~1 may be used to encode GS1 Application Identifiers with the ASCII encoding mode in Data Matrix or byte encoding in Aztec or QR-Code. Additional parentheses functionality has been included in all Data Matrix products to comply with GS1 Data Matrix specification.
  • ASCII Characters may be encoded by using the format ~d???. For example, the text of BAR~d009CODE~d013 will encode BAR <tab> CODE <return>.