C128 ReturnType Specifications

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The C128 ReturnType is an optional property used with IDAutomation’s barcode font encoders to add additional functionality to the information returned from a function.

 ReturnTypeSpecification DescriptionExample
0Returns a character string formatted to the associated barcode font. When this text is used with the appropriate font, a proper barcode will be created.Code 128 Barcode Symbol Created From a Font
1Returns a text string for a standard font such as Arial. Usually used to display the human-readable text for GS1-128 with the C128() function.(17) 231231
2Returns the check digit only, if applicable.3
Types 3 to 5 return a human-readable text interpretation in the same manner as the SpliceText function with Font Encoders that are Feature Level 10 or greater using the Code128() function.
 ReturnTypeSpecification DescriptionExample
3Returns human-readable text spliced every 3 digits, if applicable.172 312 310
4Returns human-readable text spliced every 4 digits, if applicable.1723 1231 0
5Returns human-readable text spliced every 5 digits, if applicable.17231 2310
6 – 9NOTE: There have been problems using ReturnTypes 6 – 9 in some versions of Windows 10 and greater, therefore, these are no longer guaranteed to work. Instead, it is recommended to place a field below the barcode with the text data.ReturnType 6

Options for HIBC:

 ReturnTypeSpecification DescriptionExample
10Encodes data for HIBC Primary barcode, which includes the HIBC identifier using the “+” symbol.Return Type 10
Returned Data: +B123120001J
11Returns the check character for the Primary barcode for a standard font such as Arial. The check character is used as part of the Secondary barcode DataToEncode.=Code128(“B123120001”,11,False)
Check Character for Primary Barcode: J
12Encodes data for HIBC Secondary barcode, which includes the HIBC identifier using the “+$$+” prefix. The Primary barcode check character can be appended using ReturnType 11.Return Type 12
Returned Data: +$$+01181234555J%