ReturnType Property Specifications

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The ReturnType property is used in IDAutomation barcode font encoders for additional functionality of the information returned from a function. The default is 0.

0Returns a character string formatted to the associated barcode font. When this text is used with the appropriate font, a proper barcode will be created.The resulting symbol after displaying returned text with the barcode font.
1Returns a text string for a standard font such as Arial. Generally used to display the human-readable text for GS1-128 with the C128() function.(17) 231231
2Returns only the check-digit, if applicable.3
3For Interleaved 2 of 5 only, ReturnType 3 generates an OPC (Optical Product Code) symbol. OPC is also known as Vision Council of America OPC, VCA BarCode & VCA OPC. OPC Example: I2of5Mod10(“123456789”, 3)
NOTE: Return Types 3-9 are defined in the C128 ReturnType, which enables spliced text, cross-platform compatible Unicode character strings, human readable text and GS1-128 AIs all from the same barcode font.