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IDAutomation provides several Barcode Components with support for multiple symbologies. This page provides helpful information for various symbologies available within IDAutomation Barcode Components.

 CODE 128The “AUTO” setting for Code 128 will automatically switch character sets as necessary to compact numbers in character set C and encode functions in character set A. The IDAutomation implementation of Code 128 auto offers many options when ApplyTilde is enabled:

  • ASCII Characters may be encoded by using the format ~???. For example, the text of BAR~009CODE~013 will actually encode BAR <tab> CODE <return>.
  • GS1-128 and FNC1 Functions (aka: UCC/EAN-128) may be encoded with ASCII 202 (character Ê,) or ~202 as the FNC1 before each application identifier (AI). For example, the GS1 data of (8100)712345(21)12ECC200 should be entered as: ~2028100712345~2022112ECC200. In most cases, the AIs will be properly represented in the human readable text. If the parentheses are not around the correct number for the AI, enter the following as the FNC1 for the correct number of digits in the AI:
    ASCII 212 or ~212 = 2 digits        ASCII 213 or ~213  = 3 digits
    ASCII 214 or ~214 = 4 digits        ASCII 215 or ~215  = 5 digits
    ASCII 216 or ~216 = 6 digits        ASCII 217 or ~217  = 7 digitsFor example, to encode (1277)128200, enter ~2141277128200.
    Note: IDAutomation products with build dates May 2009 or later include functionality that allows users to add application identifiers by adding the parentheses where needed when apply tilde set to true and the code 128 character set is auto.
  • Mod 10 Check-digits may be generated by using the format ~m?? where ?? is the number of characters preceding the tilde in which to base the Mod 10 calculation. The additional MOD 10 check digit is commonly used in GS1, UCC and EAN barcode types.
  • FNC2 Functions may be inserted into the DataToEncode string by using ASCII 197 or ~197. For example; Å8012349091. The IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner may be programmed to hold the barcode starting with the FNC2 in memory and only transmit it to the computer after scanning a barcode containing the FNC1.
 POSTNET, PLANET & Intelligent MailThe X Dimension (or NarrowBarWidth) of 0.045 CM or 19 MILS should be used for all USPS barcode symbologies. For barcodes to be accepted by U.S. Post Offices, they must be between 22 and 24 bars per inch. The setting of 0.045 CM or 19 MILS should produce about 23 bars per inch. If results are different, adjust this property accordingly. To adjust the size of Intelligent Mail, the ascender, descender and full bar heights are all a function of the tracking bar height, which is controlled with the PostnetHeightShortBar property.
 UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8 & EAN-13The text size and font may need to be adjusted with these barcode symbologies depending on the implementation and resolution. The +2 and +5 add-on codes may be encoded by appending them to the end of the data to encode string. If the check digit is added, it will be ignored and regenerated to ensure that the code can be scanned. The margins may need to be increased when using these symbologies.
UCC128This symbology option encodes an even number of number digits and includes an FNC1 character in set C. Code 128 Auto must be used to encode additional FNC1 codes or data containing text or odd numbers. Use the UCC128 function only for GS1-128 applications where the input data is an even number and only one AI is needed, such as in SSCC-18 and SCC-14 barcodes.