EAN-13 Barcode Generation Options

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The EAN-13 barcode specification is used in IDAutomation Barcode Fonts, Components and Applications to create an EAN-13 barcode, which is most commonly used to encode 13 digits of the GTIN barcode symbology and also to identify books with Bookland or ISBN barcode symbols.

The 13th digit of the EAN-13 barcode is a MOD10 check-digit that is recalculated in all IDAutomation barcode products to reduce scanning errors and may be omitted when encoding data. A 2 or 5 digit add-on may be created by appending the numbers to the end of the 12 or 13 digits that make up the primary symbol. Therefore, a number string of 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 or 18 digits (with or without a check-digit) must make up the DataToEncode.

  • Using EAN-13 Barcode Fonts option with a font encoder returns text formatted to EAN-13 barcode specifications.
  • The EAN-13 barcode option in all Components and Applications will produce a readable barcode image.
  • In some products, entering incorrect data may result in a barcode containing all zeros.

Fig. 1. EAN-13 barcode encoding “1134567890121” with an add-on of “52088”.

EAN-13 Barcode Encoding "1134567890121" with an Add-on of "52088"

The above EAN-13 barcode was created with the Barcode Image Generator. A free online barcode generator is also available.

The EAN-13 barcode can be easily read and verified with the IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner.