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IDAutomation Free 2D QR Code Barcode Generator

by Nate Schubert

By now, just about everyone on the technological scene is aware of QR Codes in terms of what they are and what they can do for your business. These renegade 2D barcode symbologies seem to be making the most significant impact in terms of marketing promotions as well as on the personal landscape where anyone with an internet connection can create a QR Code, and anyone with a smart phone and appropriate barcode scanning app can be a part of the QR Revolution. Today, QR Codes can represent so many different things. Here are just a few examples of the information a QR Code can hold:

Website URL
When scanned by a mobile scanning device like an Android, iPhone or Blackberry, the app will take you to the appropriate URL via the web browser. For example, a QR Code consisting of will take you directly to the IDAutomation Fan Page on Facebook, where you can Like Us to be kept abreast of product updates, announcements and more. Try reading the following QR Code with your Android, iPhone or Blackberry:

VCard Information
One of the latest networking trends lies in the creation of VCards which are designed to act as a business card when scanned, providing all contact information into the smart phone that scans it:
Whatever your focus, the IDAutomation Free QR Code Generator will allow you to create these 2D barcodes for free. Try it today!