Author: Nathan Schubert

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Getting Started With UPC Barcodes

Providing products for sale in retail locations locally or globally requires that those products be registered under a Universal Product Code, or UPC for short. For the purpose of Retail Point-of-Sale systems and a speedier, more efficient checkout process, this UPC code can be represented as a barcode on your product which is then scanned…
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How To Create Barcodes in Adobe InDesign CS

IDAutomation provides an Adobe InDesign CS tutorial that uses barcode fonts for barcode generation. Barcode Fonts are often the choice when users want to create barcodes in a variety of applications, or when users may not be as well-versed in software integration as they may need to be in order to use barcode generation components.…
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Printable Barcode Object Patent Granted to IDAutomation

by Nate Schubert To date, it has been difficult to embed barcode capabilities into many software applications because these applications generally required barcode fonts or graphical barcode objects to be installed on each workstation in order to see and print the barcode. However, after years of working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office,…
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Linking to External Sources with Barcode Label Software

Printing barcodes onto labels has become commonplace in many businesses around the world as companies work to improve their efficiency and inventory tracking capabilities with barcode technology. While the prospect of printing barcodes onto labels is nothing new, many have had difficulties due to the fact that the data to be encoded into barcodes lives…
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