Crystal Reports Native Update for Data Matrix

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Crystal Reports Native Update for Data Matrix

Data Matrix Native Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports

IDAutomations’ latest product release is for both the Crystal Reports Data Matrix Native Barcode Generator and the more robust Native 2D Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports. For this update, we focused on optimizing the native formula for the DataMatrix symbology that creates the 2D barcode. As a result, we’ve been able to improve the speed of Data Matrix barcode generation in these products by as much as 30% . This could translate to a substantial savings of time and increase in process efficiency. You can read up a bit more on this latest release here.

Current license holders for the above barcode generator products can upgrade to the latest version with a purchase of the one year Level 2 Support & Upgrade Subscription. Those without a license may purchase one from any of the links above.



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