QR-Code Integrated Business Cards

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QR-Code Integrated Business Cards

QR Code scanning technology has been available for years but has not been put into widespread use across the United States in large part because the concept has been hard for many to grasp. Today, however, QR Code scanning technology is common in smart phones. This takes down a significant barrier to entry where users who want to scan a QR Code have to hunt for the right scanning app, or carefully line the barcode up within a target and scan it like an augmented reality game. Instead, a user need only point her camera at the QR Code, and let the smart phone prompt them to add to their Contacts.

Tech-savvy individuals who use QR Codes on their business contact cards enjoy a range of benefits that their code-less competition misses out on. For example, a business card with a colorful, scannable QR-integrated design may be more eye-catching to a buyer who has a stack of contact cards to go through after a week-long industry conference. This fulfills one of the goals of a good design. In addition to good looks, scanning the QR Code delivers unmatched convenience, automatically adding the encoded contact information of your choice to the users’ smart phone.

How to Create a QR-Code for a Business Card

Here are the steps you can take to integrate a QR Code in meCard format for your business card:

Step One: Create the QR Code

Use our QR-Code meCard Image Generator to create your custom QR Code. This free meCard and URL generator has an easy interface where you can enter your data in the given fields to encode your name, phone number, email address, physical address and a URL for your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter profile, or any other URL. Then, click the button to generate your QR-Code meCard image. This will open a new window where you can copy the image or save it as a file.

Scan this QR Code to add my contact information to your smart phone.

Step Two: Add the QR Code to your Business Card

The QR Code meCard image you created in step one can be copied and pasted directly onto an existing business card design, provided the code itself doesn’t cover up any other important parts of the card. If this is an issue, consider creating an entirely new business card where you can use the QR Code as a more prominent design. Since QR Codes have error correction, they can be modified to some degree while still retaining their scan-ability which can make for some very unique QR Code business card designs.

Step Three: Network, Network, Network!

Now that you’ve created your new business card complete with a meCard QR Code, it’s time to disseminate. Business cards do not do anyone any good if they don’t get handed out to the people who could use them. If you’re meeting people face to face, make sure you give one to everyone you speak with. Let them know about the QR Code and how they can use it to make their lives easier. With any luck, you’ll get them to add it to their phone on the spot.

If you’re networking on the web rather than face to face, the QR Code you created is just as useful. The image in most cases will be readable by a smartphone from a computer screen, and so those individuals will also get to experience the convenience of QR Code-integrated business cards.


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