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How to Create a Barcode In Oracle Reports Video Tutorial

by Nate Schubert This IDAutomation Oracle Reports tutorial is designed for implementing barcodes in Oracle Reports with the IDAutomation PL/SQL Barcode Library and IDAutomation barcode fonts. The barcode library is a PLL file that formats data from fields in the report to the barcode fonts, to create a scannable barcode. The library contains functions for…
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How to Encode Barcode Data using the Online Encoder

by Nate Schubert IDAutomation provides a range of font tools which are free to use with the purchase of IDAutomation products and while these font tools are very useful for encoding data that can then be turned into a barcode, there are some scenario’s where the font tools are not desired. For these particular cases,…
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How to Create Data Matrix Barcodes in Microsoft Word Video Tutorial

by Nate Schubert Creating batches of documents with specific unique Data Matrix barcodes is easy using Microsoft Word & Excel Mail Merge. IDAutomation has just released a video tutorial explaining this very process in step-by-step instructions. Take a look at the video below:

How to Create a Barcode In Excel Video Tutorial

by Nate Schubert Easily generate barcodes in Microsoft Office Excel with IDAutomation Barcode Macros & Native VBA Functions.

UID Barcode Marking Label Creation Tutorial

by Nate Schubert UID Marking Labels are becoming more and more common since the Department of Defense first implemented the Item Unique Identification Program (IUID), intended to increase efficiency in asset management between organizations, even between nations and throughout the world. UID Markings are intended to affix to an item or directly on an item…
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New Product: MaxiCode Font and Encoder

by Nate Schubert The MaxiCode Font & Encoder is a collection of components that generate Maxicode barcode symbols with fonts and graphics. The advanced 2D MaxiCode barcode font uses IDAutomation Vertical Interleaved Technology™, which allows increased throughput and printing at small X dimensions. This package includes a Window COM DLL, Crystal Reports UFL, ActiveX Control…
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ISSN Barcodes for Serial Publications

by Nate Schubert Little noticed but extremely important in terms of organization of incremented publications around the world is the ISSN, or International Standard Serial Number. You know, that barcode usually on the upper right corner of serial publications such as magazines or newspapers. But what do you really know about the ISSN? Does My…
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Product Update: Code 128 Font Advantage Package

by Nate Schubert The Code 128 Font Advantage Package has been updated with improved Unicode compatibility and new digitally signed TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts. The new fonts, when used with a feature level 10 or greater font encoder, can display human readable text interpretations without showing the check character. The font also shows human…
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Product Update: Data Matrix Products

by Nate Schubert All Data Matrix products have been updated to better support GS1-Data Matrix and the easy encoding of application identifiers (AIs) encoded in the symbol. Multiple AIs may be easily encoded with the parentheses or the Tilde Method as described in the Data Matrix FAQ. The following 2D products have been updated with…
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IDAutomation Newsletter: July 2009

by Nate Schubert In this Issue: * GS1 DataBar Product Updates * Barcode Label Software * Barcode Image Generators * Inventory Asset Tracking * POS Software and System * Support and Upgrade Subscription Renewal * Recent Press Releases Product Update: GS1 Databar Products The GS1 DataBar symbology is the latest barcode type for space-constrained identification…
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