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Elo 19″ Touch Screen Hospital POS System

by Nate Schubert The 19MR1 Touchcomputer from Elo TouchSystems is the perfect fit for healthcare industries looking for a reliable, high-quality hospital POS interface system that will bring a sense of flexibility to the work place. The 19MR1 is designed to meet the wide variety of needs one finds in healthcare industries across the nation,…
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Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer Solution

by Nate Schubert The Zebra HC100 Medical I.D. Wristband Printer Solution contains everything needed to print medical patient wristbands with minimal frustration and maximum efficiency. This solution allows direct thermal printing of wristbands that can include a barcode, text and even graphics from an automatic wristband cartridge that can be loaded with no user contact…
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M-4200 FingerTIP Biometric ID Mouse

by Nate Schubert The unique M-4200 FingerTIP Biometric ID Mouse by Cherry Electronics allows users to log on to their PC or laptop using only their fingerprint as identification. Incorporating biometric technology, the M-4200 FingerTIP ID Mouse eliminates the need to recall complicated user IDs and passwords while increasing system security and protection from unauthorized…
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J84-2800 Series Washable Medical Keyboard

by Nate Schubert IDAutomation is proud to offer the latest in a selection of keyboards, the J84-2800 Series Keyboard by Cherry Electronics. This fully washable rubber-sealed keyboard makes for ideal use in medical environments, and is perfect for clean environments where equipment may need to go through rinsing or immersion during cleaning. This allows for…
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