How to Secure Your Streaming Barcodes

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How to Secure Your Streaming Barcodes

by Nate Schubert

Security is an important concern on the internet, not only for companies that have E-Commerce and web sites intended to engage and interact with users, but also for web surfers who seek out community or other valuable content online. If a website is not properly secured, then any data that is communicated between the web site and the visitor can be intercepted by anyone who has the means to eavesdrop. 

When considering which facets of your web site to make secure, think about the role that barcodes play. For example, many E-Commerce checkouts include barcode images on the order form. In many cases, the data encoded therein consists of names, addresses, and possibly even credit card numbers. Many membership-based websites require private information like social security numbers, addresses or other personal data that may be stored in a barcode for easy, error-free entry into a database. If the information in these barcodes is not encrypted and secure, then your data may be on display for anyone who wants it.

There is an easy way to determine whether you are surfing securely on a web site. If the beginning of the web address (URL) starts with HTTP, then there is no encryption and if someone is looking for it, they can potentially see the information you enter. If the web URL starts with HTTPS, then your visit is secure and so is all of the information you may give a website, because the data is encrypted and hidden from any prying eyes. 
IDAutomations’ Hosted Barcode Image Generator Service is fully HTTPS-compliant. This means that the custom URL sourced in your HTTP code can reference the URL as HTTP for public areas of your site, or as HTTPS for checkout and other sensitive places. This feature makes our service one of the most secure ways of transmitting information through barcode images on web sites, in email and in other applications that may reference a URL to display an image.