New Discounts for Hosted Barcode Generator Services!

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New Discounts for Hosted Barcode Generator Services!

by Nate Schubert

IDAutomation would like to hear from new and existing customers of the Hosted Dynamic Barcode Image Generator Service. We are happy to extend an offer to receive a discount for your next yearly subscription renewal or an equal-amount credit for a recent renewal order. We have outlined a few different opportunities for customers to receive this savings below:

  • Submit a quality written testimonial that provides an overview of how the Hosted Barcode Generator works within your environment, and how it benefits your organization, customers or clients. You don’t need to write a novel but we do ask that you give us at least 5 quality sentences to talk about the benefits of this cutting-edge software as a service. Accepted written testimonials will receive a 5% discount from a subscription renewal.
  • Submit a compelling video testimonial version of the above. It should be at least 30 seconds long and should not exceed 2 minutes. Accepted video testimonials will receive a 10% discount from a subscription renewal.
  • Submit clear written documentation that provides steps for integration of the custom URL used in the service as well as use within your specific environment. Please provide screen shots wherever possible, and be as thorough as you can in your documentation. Accepted documentation will receive a 10% discount from a subscription renewal.
By submitting your testimonial or documentation, you agree to allow IDAutomation to use the material on our websites, in newsletters or other locations on the web where IDAutomation has a presence. If you are an existing customer with an upcoming renewal that you want to apply this discount to, you will receive a special discount code and instructions for receiving your 5% or 10% savings at the point of purchase. If you are a new customer or you submit qualifying testimonials or documentation within 30 days of subscription purchase, you will receive a refund of 5% or 10% from the amount of your Hosted Barcode Generator subscription.
Why not let us know what you think about IDAutomation’s Hosted Barcode Generator products while making your purchase more affordable at the same time? Contact IDAutomation today to make your submission via email and start saving!

The Hosted Barcode Generator is a cloud-based barcode generation service that allow users to stream barcode images directly into Internet-accessible environments. This unique subscription-driven service lightens the load for customers who are able to provide high-powered barcode generation for a wide variety of uses including event ticketing, ecommerce sales receipts and even discount coupons via email. It requires little maintenance and virtually no technical support assistance because of its’ ease-of-use. We also provide a server-side streaming barcode solution for those who prefer to host their own barcode generator service.
IDAutomation also provides other opportunities for savings that organizations can take advantage of to make this service even more affordable. In addition to offering yearly subscriptions, we also offer 5-year subscriptions at 50% the cost of the yearly. Additional discounts are also available for small and medium-size companies interested in developer licenses for our products.