ASP Barcode Generator Script

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ASP Barcode Generator Script

by Nate Schubert

The ASP Barcode Generator Script allows image generation for a multitude of barcode symbologies including Code 128, Code 39, Postnet, MSI and Interleaved 2 of 5, also known as ITF or I2of5. This script is compatible with websites that have ASP enabled, and has zero dependencies, DLLs or fonts to install. This special barcode generator ASP script is provided in pure ASP source code which allows it to be used natively and modified or integrated in a variety of ways.

Barcode images generated with this IDAutomation script are less than 2KB on average, which allows for very fast page load times, a significant advantage for webmasters who must consider page size for search engine optimization. The ASP Barcode Generator Script is availalbe from $199 for a Single Server License and immediate download.

Learn more about the IDAutomation ASP Barcode Generator Script, and even test with an evaluation download at