Java Barcode Component: New Version

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Java Barcode Component: New Version

by Nate Schubert

IDAutomation is proud to announce the latest release of the IDAutomation Java Barcode component for both Linear and 2-dimensional packages. If you have not already tried barcoding in Java with IDAutomation products, now is a great time to download a Java component demo to generate barcodes on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine.

While IDAutomation’s java barcode components have supported many of the most popular barcode symbologies over the years including Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, UPC, EAN, USPS barcodes including Intelligent Mail and more, the 2D version now supports QR Code as well as a completely new DataBar component and will enable Java developers to create DataBar compliant barcode images within their java application, applet, servlet, bean box and more.

The Linear version of the Java barcode component has some added features of it’s own with improved FNC1 functionality that will allow the parentheses in the DataToEncode variable to be encoded as FNC1 characters when the apply tilde is set to true as well as the ability to manually select the code 128 start character in auto mode. By including the start character as the first digit in DataToEncode, users can now specify which character set to start in. For example, DataToEncode = IABCD will encode the data in set B. The apply tilde functionality can also be used to achieve the same result; DataToEncode = ~204ABCD.

If you have a need to create barcodes using Java, then download the Demo version of the Linear, 2D or GS1 DataBar java component and try it out or just visit the website to complete your Java Barcode component purchase.