License Options for Custom Barcode Integration

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License Options for Custom Barcode Integration

by Nate Schubert

IDAutomation products may be utilized by a wide range of customers and industries from everyday people who just want to use barcodes to keep track of personal music, film or document libraries to developers who want to integrate our professional-grade barcode fonts or barcode generation components into complex environments such as Java, ASP .NET, Reporting Services and others. Developers may also integrate barcode products directly into their custom software applications which are often ultimately meant for distribution in retail or B2B markets. IDAutomation provides enhanced licensing options to developers that can increase flexibility and also keep costs down both in terms of internal cost and what your customers pay.

Complete Integration Licensing

This is the most common type of licensing purchased by developers who want to integrate IDAutomation barcode fonts, components or applications into complex environments such as Java, .NET or SSRS and others. This is also a good choice for developers who want to integrate IDAutomation products into custom applications that are meant for resale and distribution, and want the barcode generation components to be included in every software distributed. Developer Licenses also allow for tens of thousands of users and royalty-free distributions.

Optional Integration Licensing

The lesser-known Optional Integration License allows developers to integrate IDAutomation product functionality into custom applications, but with the purchase of a Single User License rather than the most expensive developer license options. This allows developers to test integration and complete the application to access the API of the barcode product. You should not distribute the purchased product within your software, however, but you may distribute the demo if you like. Then, users who wish to include the functionality within your application need only purchase the appropriate license from IDAutomation. We can provide support for barcode problems related to your client’s application as well as the installation and maintenance of the barcode product provided.
The Optional Integration License is an excellent way for low-resource developers to integrate powerful barcode generation products into their custom applications. Further, developers can take advantage of additional revenue streams of up to 30% per customer sale by entering into the IDAutomation Barcode Affiliate program. This is certainly the best option for organizations that want to maximize profit while keeping overhead low, and applications light-weight.