QR Code Functionality Now Available in ActiveX!

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QR Code Functionality Now Available in ActiveX!

by Nate Schubert

For years, the process of enabling QR Code generation capability in ActiveX has been extremely complicated, and thus unavailable in IDAutomation ActiveX products. This has caused individuals to seek alternatives to barcode generation in environments where ActiveX would be preferred. The process for integrating alternative solutions can also be very complicated, however, which can leave customers wanting for a more flexible and easy-to-use solution.

After much hard work by our development staff, IDAutomation is pleased to announce that all ActiveX Components have been updated to include functionality for QR Code barcode generation. This high-demand update was released earlier this morning, and allows QR Code functionality in the following IDAutomation products:

Customers who have already purchased these products may purchase the one year Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription to receive download access to the latest version of this product, while new customers are encouraged to place their orders online. This is a long-anticipated upgrade to our ActiveX products that should provide increased flexibility and productivity for anyone who has a need to generate 2D QR Codes in an ActiveX environment.