Create Barcodes in Microsoft Access 2003

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Create Barcodes in Microsoft Access 2003

by Nate Schubert

Creating barcodes using Microsoft Access can be a tricky process to say the least. IDAutomation provides a set of very helpful barcode font tools that are free to use with the purchase of any IDAutomation barcode font package, but the process of creating a barcode using these free font tools can still be difficult for many to understand.

Fortunately, the IDAutomation technical support staff has come together to create a short, simple and very easy-to-understand step by step video tutorial that explains exactly how to create a barcode in Microsoft Access 2003 using IDAutomation barcode fonts and free font tools.

To learn how to generate barcodes in other Microsoft Office applications in addition to Access, check out the IDAutomation Barcode Macros & VBA Functions web page for a great text-based tutorial or bookmark the video below!