How To Create Barcodes From Fonts in Access 2010

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How To Create Barcodes From Fonts in Access 2010

by Nate Schubert

Generating barcodes from fonts in Microsoft Access 2010 allows the ability to add a more efficient means of communicating information that can be stored in a barcode and then scanned into reports or databases at a later time. Using barcodes is preferred to relying on manual user entry because human error is a much greater likelihood than scanner or barcode error.

Barcode Fonts are a smart and flexible way of generating barcodes in a variety of different applications and operating systems, making them an excellent choice for companies who need to integrate barcode technology into a multitude of environments. For many organizations, Microsoft Access 2010 is one of those environments and creating a barcode from a font is one of the more powerful ways of implementing this technology.

The video tutorial at the bottom of this post demonstrates how to generate barcodes using IDAutomation Barcode Fonts in conjunction with one of our free font tools, the Barcode Macros & VBA Functions for Microsoft Excel, Access and Word. These are powerful macros that can be customized for maximum efficiency and performance, and may be a little more than what some of our customers may need. If you view the How To video and decide this is more than what you need, please consider using barcode fonts in conjunction with the IDAutomation Microsoft Word and Excel Barcode Add-In.