How to Perform a Mail-Merge Using 2D Barcode Fonts

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How to Perform a Mail-Merge Using 2D Barcode Fonts

by Nate Schubert

Microsoft Word Mail Merge is one of the most tried-and-true methods of merging a data source with a main document in order to create customized documents automatically, without having to create each individually. This can save untold amounts of time for those who wish to generate invoices, labels, envelopes, letters and more. Integrating 2D barcodes to these documents can add a great deal of flexibility to virtually any project by reducing human error and decreasing the amount of time spent processing results.

But how does a mail merge work when 2D barcodes are involved?

While many industry professionals are experienced in the art of Microsoft Word Mail-Merges, people who have a clear understanding of how to include 2D barcodes are few and far between. The IDAutomation technical support team is well aware of this fact, however, and has produced an excellent tutorial that can effectively demonstrate the task of performing a word mail-merge using 2D barcode fonts, Data Matrix in particular, with the help of one of our free font encoder tools, the Barcode Add-In for Excel. Please take 5 minutes to view the video tutorial below, and do not hesitate to leave a comment with any questions or concerns.