How To Use the Online Barcode Font Encoder Tool

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How To Use the Online Barcode Font Encoder Tool

by Nate Schubert

Provided by IDAutomation, the Online Barcode Font Encoder is a free tool that can be used to easily format data into a special string that will generate an accurate barcode when combined with a variety of common IDAutomation barcode fonts. This tool is an excellent resource for users who need to generate barcodes with fonts in environments not supported by the many font encoder tools we have available today.

Encoding data using the Online Barcode Font Encoder is easy. Simply enter the data you would like to encode in your barcode and select the appropriate barcode type. It is important to remember that you must have either the demo or purchased IDAutomation barcode font package installed on your system. After selecting the barcode type, your specially-encoded text string will appear in the Encoded Text field. Copy and paste this data into the application or environment of your choice, highlight it and then select the appropriate barcode font in your application to generate a readable barcode.

For a video demonstration, please see below.

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  1. Dipankar says:

    Hi, Could you tell me if multiple info can be encoded using Code128 bar code type. e.g. Item Id, Color Id, Size Id and Qty – all together, could it be possible to encode in a Code128 type and then decode accordingly. Please advise.

  2. You can certainly encode different pieces of data within a Code 128 barcode by using functions as described at . Code 128 can only encode 40-50 characters of data dependably, however, so it may be a better plan to work within Data Matrix or another 2D barcode that can encode much more data.

  3. The video posting makes your blog so attractive. I came to know a new thing from your blog that the online barcode font encoder is a good tool. This is a simple and easy to use. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

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