How to Install Barcode Fonts

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How to Install Barcode Fonts

by Nate Schubert

Contrary to popular belief, installing barcode fonts is every bit as simple as installing any other type of letter font such as times new roman or comic sans. Particular font installation may differ depending on whether you are installing TrueType, Postscript, PCL or Open Type formats. Additionally, there are different procedures depending on the specific operating system. In every case, the demo or purchased font package should be downloaded, unzipped and the files extracted. Then, click the install.exe file in the extraction to install the fonts into the fonts folder of your operating system.

Installation instructions diverge at this point according to the particular operating system you are working with. Following are just a few short tutorials for various environments that you can use, and these tutorials should work for any font installation.

You can find more specific tutorials for other font-related issues at our font installation guides. The IDAutomation Technical Support staff has created a video tutorial for Windows 7 font installation which can be viewed below.