2010 IDAutomation Barcode Year in Review

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2010 IDAutomation Barcode Year in Review

by Nate Schubert

It sure has been a long year but in the lost work-week between Christmas and New Years Eve, it seems that 2011 is finally closing in. 2010 was a roller-coaster year for many businesses and while the path we at IDAutomation had blazed had it’s own share of problems and solutions, we think the good far outweighed the bad. Let’s take a look back at some of IDAutomation’s greatest achievements in 2010.

We Expanded Our Video Library!

In 2010, our team of developers worked to add over 70 new videos demonstrating how to use IDAutomation Fonts with a variety of applications like InDesign, Word, Excel, Access and others in addition to informational videos showing how to identify different barcode types and going into greater detail about other specific symbologies or processes. These videos provide an alternative way of looking at the information we present in our written tutorials and FAQ’s because we understand that not everyone digests information the same. The more ways we can present it, the more we can help.

New Product Releases

We listened to our customers in 2010 and added a number of different products to both our hardware and software catalogs including an Add-In that allows easy generation of barcodes from our fonts in Microsoft Word or Excel, and a Native Google Docs Barcode Generator that makes generating barcodes in Google Docs a snap.

Existing Product Updates

We also listened to those of you who were able to pinpoint issues in our existing software products, and we were able to resolve many of those issues throughout the year. One of the most important software updates was to make our products compatible with 64-bit operating systems, and we are proud to say that we can add this platform to our compatibility list for all products.

Improved Customer Support

Many businesses were faced with some hard decisions in 2010 and had to cut costs to keep their doors open. While cutting staff is almost always a bad thing, we did see it as an opportunity to become a bit more lean and efficient. We integrated online chat support on our website to provide an alternative method of contact for customers. This method of support for both sales and our technical staff has been instrumental in our efforts to help as many pre and post sales customers as possible without compromising the quality of our support.

As we look to close the doors on this year, we at IDAutomation can reflect on 2010 as a time of progress and success. We learned that our audience is our greatest sounding board and that if we give you what you want, we will be in business for many years to come. Of course IDAutomation has been listening to it’s customers since we started in 1996, but there has been no greater confirmation of that than in 2010. Here are some things to look out for in 2011:

  • Silverlight Barcode Generation
  • 2D Barcode Generation With Reporting Service Custom Report Item
  • Barcode School Video’s Launch
  • Increased Website Usability
  • Interactive Support Options
We’re looking forward to making 2011 an even better year than 2010! Happy New Year Everyone.