What Sets IDAutomation Apart?

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What Sets IDAutomation Apart?

by Nate Schubert

Since 1996, IDAutomation has been providing barcode generation components to companies and organizations in the world marketplace. The goal of our products is to increase efficiency and decrease costs by integrating time-saving barcode technology into daily processes in logistics, inventory control, retail checkout, data entry, document tracking and literally anything else that can be envisioned.

Due to the highly-competitive landscape in the industries of automatic identification and barcode technology, it can be difficult to decide which particular company to choose for your barcoding needs. Often-times, prospective customers don’t know a great deal about the technology itself, or even fully understand how they are going to implement the new process in their existing one. It seems a lot to ask those same potential customers to also understand the subtle differences in products, and the quiet benefits in others.

All too often, the issue comes down to cost. Many price-comparison shoppers wonder why one companies products are higher priced than others, but a deeper look would show that in many cases, products stated to be similar are in fact not at all. Additionally, different companies have difference license structures, so what looks like a savings with one product can actually be a hindrance in terms of licensing.

So, what makes one company better than another? There are a multitude of things that separate companies, and while we admittedly do not monitor our competition as often as some others, we have collected a short list of the things we at IDAutomation are proud of.

Quality of Product

IDAutomation barcode generation software products are developed in-house by our staff of developers, and rigorously tested by our technical support staff. Our products are updated on a regular basis as improvements are brought to light externally by customers, and internally by staff.

Level of Sales & Technical Support

Some barcode software companies offer free technical support for the life of the product, and that sounds really great. One should consider, however, that maybe the support is being thrown in with the purchase of the product because the support isn’t all that good. IDAutomation is working tirelessly to make it easier for our customers to find answers online, troubleshoot issues, contact our support staff, and complete orders without needing us. For those who do need some hands-on guidance, our staff is more than happy to assist in any way possible. We pride ourselves on the level of support that we provide, and we’re always looking to increase that level.

Flexible License Options

When shopping around for the right barcode software product, be sure you are purchasing a license that will not limit you. IDAutomation provides standard user licenses as well as developer license for more complex things like integrating a product into a custom application, programming a web app around a product or embedding barcodes into applications. Additionally, IDAutomation provides pricing discounts for Small and Mid-Size companies.

There are many more reasons to move forward with IDAutomation products rather than those of our competitors, but those listed above are the most popular answers our customers give us when they return to IDAutomation after trying out one of those more “affordable” barcode generator products.

It’s difficult to say when any one company is better than their competition and since IDAutomation is more interested in improving the quality of our processes, products and support services rather than keeping an eye on our competition, we can only provide information about what we do right, not what our competitors do wrong.

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