Barcoding for Beginners Presentation

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Barcoding for Beginners Presentation

by Nate Schubert

As commonplace as barcode technology has become, it can still be a pretty complicated idea to wrap your head around. There are a wide variety of different barcode symbologies that can be utilized depending on environment, desired result and many other factors. To make matters worse, there are a host of different standards a specific barcode can meet to achieve consistency in processes, product identification and more.

The IDAutomation Barcode For Beginners video tutorial focuses on, you guessed it, the basics such as reasons for integrating barcode technology into various industries, different types of barcodes, reading barcodes and products available that can make the process easier. For a text version, please visit the Barcoding For Beginners FAQ. Otherwise, enjoy the video!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor quality of document: can barely be read (too small font/resolution)

  2. To which document are you referring please?

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