How to Identify a Barcode

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How to Identify a Barcode

by Nate Schubert

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one kind of barcode. There are different barcode symbologies that have different strengths and weaknesses and industries throughout business utilize these varied symbologies to make their processes more efficient, more productive and easier to use.

A Code 128 Barcode may not appear to be different from a Code 39 barcode, but in reality they can serve very different purposes. For example, Code 128 has a higher density and can thus encode more information such as lowercase letters.

While many of you may not have a specific need to tell one barcode type from the next, the ability to identify different barcodes can be quite a benefit when you’re shopping for a new way to increase efficiency in your business process.

Check out the video below, for step-by-step information on the differences between various barcode types, then dazzle your friends and co-workers with your genius-like knowledge of barcode differentiation!