Barcode Image Generator 2010 is Here!

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Barcode Image Generator 2010 is Here!

by Nate Schubert

After much dilligence and hard work from our development staff, IDAutomation is pleased to announce the latest release of the Barcode Image Generator, version 2010. This stand-alone application is perfect for creating barcode images that can be pasted into other applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word and much, much more. We are particularly excited about the following new features:

  • Creating Multiple Barcode Images with version 2010 is as easy as loading a text file containing data-to-encode values. Our lab tests have allowed us to create thousands of barcode images using this method in under a minute! For specific instructions, view our Barcode Image Generator Video Tutorial.
  • Saving Image Generator Settings such as Data To Encode, Symbology, Show Human Readable, Background Color, Bar Color and more to an XML file which contains information about the properties that can be loaded.
  • Command Line Options include “Create Multiple Barcodes” and “Load Generator Values”

Try the 2010 version of the IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator Demo or place your order today!

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  1. Barcodes have been invented in the 1940s if i'm not mistaken and ever since, life has been easier for the owners of most – if not all – stores. Technology has enhanced the idea of barcoding and it's been better ever since.

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