Data Matrix .H Header File in C++ Now Available!

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Data Matrix .H Header File in C++ Now Available!

by Nate Schubert

After much anticipation and some diligent programming from our developers, IDAutomation is able to announce the release of the IDAutomationDataMatrix.h C++ header file which may be provided (upon request) with the purchase of any Developer License option for the Data Matrix Font and Encoder Advantage Package and a signed Source Code Agreement.

The new Data Matrix header file uses the C++ libraries to return an encoded string that can be easily used with the IDAutomationDMatrix. Present in the header file is the method of declaration and implementation as well, so no .cpp file is necessary to use it. Just include this header file in the source code to begin using!

This Data Matrix C++ header file contains no code that is specific to any operating system and so it can be used across multiple platforms. Additionally, it has been QA tested with G++ on Ubuntu Linux as well as Visual Studio versions 6, 2003 and 2005. You can find an example of the implementation that will display here.