Happy Halloween Discounts!

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Happy Halloween Discounts!

by Nate Schubert

At IDAutomation.com, Inc, our staff is focused on providing customers with the solutions they need to generate, display, print and read barcodes of virtually any kind. We love Halloween as much as the next software company, but rather than celebrating it by dressing up as Neo from the Matrix, a kitty-kat or even a barcode, we think you would appreciate something else even more…

From now until midnight tonight, IDAutomation is extending our special end-of-month discount. Just use discount code EOM-10-PROMO on the final page of checkout to receive 10% off of any order including the following:

  • Linear & 2D Barcode Readers support a wide variety of barcodes such as Code 128, Code 39, Intelligent Mail, UPC, Data Matrix, QR, PDF417 and many others.
  • Linear & 2D Barcode Fonts generate barcodes in virtually any application or environment with these special fonts, which may be used with our free font encoder tools.
  • Barcode Generation Components for Java, ActiveX, .NET, SSRS and other environments allow for fast, dynamic barcode generation at high volumes.
  • Barcode Design Applications such as our Barcode Label Software and Barcode Image Generators are an easy solution for generating barcodes for printing onto labels, or generating images which can be pulled into other programs.
This discount will not be available on November 1, so get your order placed as soon as possible by entering discount code EOM-10-PROMO in the appropriate section on the final page of checkout, and then completing payment. Happy Halloween!