IDAutomation Newsletter: August 2006

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IDAutomation Newsletter: August 2006

by Nate Schubert Monthly Newsletter

Product Updates:

We have recently updated our MICR E13B Font Package with the following improvements:

  • Increases the quality of MICR character accuracy in the printed image with precise pixel mapping font technology.
  • A single precise MICR E-13B font that usually avoids the need to calibrate the font to the printer.
  • Calibration software for printers that are out of alignment.
  • 24 additional MICR fonts at various widths and intensities.
  • Security fonts for printing secure names and amounts.
  • MICR E13B print specifications with licensed purchase.
  • An easy to use Bank Check Design and Printing Software application.

For more information about our IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Package, please visit: and to download a demo of the package, please visit:

If you have an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription through RegNow, please contact us with your order ID number and we will send you the updated download link.

If you have an active support agreement through our own store, you will need to go back to our store online and go to “my account”:

Simply enter your user name (your email address) and the password created at the time of order. When you log in, you should see your order and in the upper right hand corner, you will see a “My Downloads” icon link. This will be the location to download the update.

To reactivate your Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription for the MICR E13B Font Package (Part #: IDA01 ), please visit:

MS3780 Fusion Omni-directional Laser Barcode Scanners

Metrologic’s Fusion™ is an affordable hand-held Omni-directional laser scanner with single-line capability that increases retail checkout system efficiency with its automatic in-stand operation and industry-leading scan performance. Prices start at $289.

Metrologic’s Fusion combines Omni-directional and single-line laser bar code scanning into a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor. The 20-line scan pattern provides superior scanning over existing single-line hand-held scanners making Fusion ideal for medium-volume retailers including specialty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and convenience stores.

For more information about this model, please visit:

Symbol 3478 Cordless Rugged Scanners Series

The Symbol 3478 Cordless Rugged Scanners Series reads all popular barcodes including Code 39, UPC, EAN, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5; DS version also reads PDF417, Data Matrix and Maxicode. This rugged scanner has unsurpassed reading of poorly printed, dirty or damaged bar codes, withstands multiple 6.5-ft. (2-m) drops to concrete and protects from windblown dust and rain. Prices from $869.

There are three models to choose from:

  • Fuzzy Logic Technology for fast and accurate reading of 1D bar codes, no matter what their condition.
  • Extended Range which reads labels as far away as 45 feet, and as close as four inches.
  • Smart Focus has digital imaging technology that reads any 1D or 2D bar code regardless of the size or density of the code.

For more information about this model, please visit:

Quick Check 890 Barcode Verification System

The first linear bar code verifier to earn the Adaptus™ Imaging Technology brand, the new QC890 Barcode Verification System is powered by Adaptus Imaging 5.0, delivering break-through linear imaging performance and versatility. Advanced signal processing improves performance & accuracy needed for ISO Verification measurements. Reliable, out-of-box solution coupled with flexible configurations makes the QC890 the ideal choice for customers who appreciate best-in-class value in a verifier.

Each unit includes all standard symbologies and is manufactured and traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards developed by the U.C.C. (Uniform Code Council) and AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers).

For more information about this model, please visit:

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