New Updates for Native Windows Barcode Font Encoder DLL

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New Updates for Native Windows Barcode Font Encoder DLL

by Nate Schubert

IDAutomation barcode fonts are known for their flexibility and ease of use. As with any barcode font, the data you want to encode needs to be formatted correctly in order to generate a barcode that can be successfully scanned by readers. IDAutomation provides special font encoder tools that can easily encode this data, taking out the complex calculations normally required to format the data manually. These font encoder tools are free to use with any of our linear barcode font demo packages or purchased downloads.

Data is entered, then encoded, and finally combined with the font to create a readable barcode.

Most recently, the IDAutomation development team has completed an upgrade to the Native Windows Barcode Font Encoder DLL which can be used in any Windows-based application or development environment that calls a method from a DLL. Written in C++ without any COM or MFC dependencies, this tool has always been an excellent solution for businesses around the globe. The latest release includes the following important symbology-specific updates:

  • UPC-E data that ends with 3, 05, 06, 07, 08 or 09 now encodes and scans correctly without producing any errors or conflicts.
  • Fixed encoding conflicts when generating Code 128 barcodes using the IDAutomation_Uni_C128 method with the Universal Font Encoder Package.
This latest update is most beneficial to those who must generate UPC-E barcodes as well as others who are using the IDAutomation_Uni_C128 method to generate Code 128 barcodes. There is no cost to download the latest version of this tool, as it may be freely used with the purchase of any of our linear font packages or comparable demo.