Product Update: Code 128 Font Advantage Package

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Product Update: Code 128 Font Advantage Package

by Nate Schubert

The Code 128 Font Advantage Package has been updated with improved Unicode compatibility and new digitally signed TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts. The new fonts, when used with a feature level 10 or greater font encoder, can display human readable text interpretations without showing the check character. The font also shows human readable text in auto mode and when switching character sets. Additionally, GS1-128 AIs may be easily encoded with the parentheses or tilde methods and are also visible in the human readable version. Complete backward compatibility is also included for support of previously used encoding methods.

Updated Feature Level 10 Font Encoders Include:

A fully functional evaluation copy of the Code 128 Font Advantage Package may be downloaded from

If a previous version of the Code 128 Package was purchased and you would like to obtain the update, please refer to the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription Renewal section of this newsletter.