USPS Ends Postnet Barcode Discounts in January

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USPS Ends Postnet Barcode Discounts in January

by Nate Schubert

2013 is fast-approaching, and time is running out for companies that are still using Postnet barcodes to receive discounts on mailing. In fact, the United States Postal Service has stated that Postnet barcode discounts will end on January 28, 2013. Moving forward, only Intelligent Mail barodes will be subject to discounts on qualified business reply mail prices. The USPS has committed to working with customers who want to continue receiving discounts, and we feel the same way.

IDAutomation’s USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Package includes the capability to generate any and all Intelligent Mail barcodes for full eligibility on mailing discounts with the postal service. We provide a range of comprehensive font encoder tools that may be used with these fonts to generate Intelligent Mail barodes in virtually any environment or application including Crystal Reports, Access, Reporting Services, ActiveX, Word and Excel for Windows and Mac, and much more.

Customers who currently own the IDAutomation Postnet & Intelligent Mail Font Advantage Package may simply renew their Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription to receive download access to the latest Intelligent Mail-capable package. Purchase this support subscription renewal at any time and download immediately after purchase.

Don’t miss out on these invaluable automation discounts from the United States Postal Service! IDAutomation has been providing the Intelligent Barcode to customers for years, and our postal barcode generation products are used by many industries to continue receiving these discounts.