Elo 19″ Touch Screen Hospital POS System

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Elo 19″ Touch Screen Hospital POS System

by Nate Schubert

The 19MR1 Touchcomputer from Elo TouchSystems is the perfect fit for healthcare industries looking for a reliable, high-quality hospital POS interface system that will bring a sense of flexibility to the work place. The 19MR1 is designed to meet the wide variety of needs one finds in healthcare industries across the nation, such as:

  • Bed-side entertainment for patients
  • Hospital kiosk applications for tasks like patient check-in and check-out
  • Mobile usability for patient charting applications

The Elo 19MR1 is available with Windows XP or without any operating system at all, and comes complete with Acoustic Pulse Recognition, a technology offering vastly improved recognition of contact with the touch screen, making this POS touch system product one of the more durable on the market today.