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IDAutomation Newsletter: August 2006

by Nate Schubert Monthly Newsletter Product Updates: We have recently updated our MICR E13B Font Package with the following improvements: Increases the quality of MICR character accuracy in the printed image with precise pixel mapping font technology. A single precise MICR E-13B font that usually avoids the need to calibrate the font to the…
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Hosted Linear Barcode Generator Webservice

by Nate Schubert New Products: Hosted Linear Barcode Generator Web Service Our new IDAutomation Hosted Linear Barcode Generator Web Service is a server-based XML image generator that supplies barcodes to applications that can consume web services. Primary Features include: > Integrate dynamic barcodes into applications that support Web Services. > No software to install –…
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IDAutomation Newsletter: April 2006

by Nate Schubert *************************************************** Monthly Newsletter for April 2006 *************************************************** New Products: 1. Pocket PC Barcode DLL for Compact Framework 2. Linear Dynamic Generator Service Product Updates: 3. .NET Barcode Linear Forms Control (new version 6.4) 4. Crystal Barcode UFL (new version 6.04) New Hardware: 5. Datacard Tru Fingerprint Reader Company Information: 6. How…
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