Reduced Functionality After Uninstalling ActiveX Control

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Reduced Functionality After Uninstalling ActiveX Control

A problem may occur when installing and then removing the ActiveX Barcode Control. This problem is by design of how the DLLs are registered in Microsoft Windows. The solutions below have been known to solve problems in Excel and the Windows CE development environment.


During the installation of the ActiveX Barcode Control package, the MSSTDFMT.DLL (a required VB runtime DLL in the Image Generator) is installed if it does not already exist in the “System” directory. There is no known fix for this problem; however, it doesn’t occur on Windows XP and greater because the later versions of Windows have a better way of handling DLLs.

  1. After removing the ActiveX Barcode Control, locate the directory on the PC where the MSSTDFMT.DLL is located, usually in the Windows/System directory. Go to the prompt of that directory and type the following:
  2. If that does not work, try installing the IDAutomation VB 6.0 Runtime files package located at:

Microsoft Office related – solved problems in Excel:
The issue is Windows related and is by the design of Microsoft Office. The problem can be solved by removing the IDAutomation Reference as follows in Excel or Access:

  1. Select Tools=>Macros=>Visual Basic Editor
  2. In Visual Basic Editor Select Tools=>References, and uncheck “IDAutomation Linear Barcode”