‘Out of Memory’ after Creating Several Barcodes

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‘Out of Memory’ after Creating Several Barcodes

IDAutomation has issued an update to the Linear ActiveX Control and DLL product that solves a problem where “out of memory” errors occur after creating approximately 30,000 or more barcodes in a short period of time on Windows XP. The first update was released October 30, 2002, although other updates have been posted since.

Download the current version of the product with an active Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.


Install the new package; ensuring critical files are replaced.

  1. REBOOT the computer to release any application accessing the DLL.
  2. After reboot, REMOVE the Linear ActiveX Barcode Control package by going to Control Panel – Add/Remove.
  3. INSTALL the new Linear ActiveX Control package.
  4. To verify the installation, confirm the existence and date of the files found in the /System folder. Check the list of files below for the correct date. If the files and dates are incorrect, remove the package again via Control Panel, delete the file manually, reboot and reinstall.
    IDAutomationLinear.dll (dated December 31, 2002 or later)
    (Customers with Linear+2D package, verify the following additional files)
    IDAutomationPDF417.dll (dated December 12, 2002 or later)
    (dated December 13, 2002 or later)
    (dated December 13, 2002 or later)