Automation Error 20515 in Crystal Reports

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Automation Error 20515 in Crystal Reports

If an “Automation Error 20515” is received when using the Crystal Reports UFL on Windows 98, please read the following:

The U2lcom.dll file fails to load because of its dependency upon Dbghelp.dll, a Microsoft system file that is not installed on Windows98 operating systems. To allow the U2lcom.dll file to load successfully, copy the Dbghelp.dll from a Windows NT/2000/XP computer and place it in the ‘C:\Windows\System’ directory on the Win98 computer. The U2lcom.dll file will now load and the application will operate normally.

For most of the linear barcode fonts, IDAutomation has created Barcode Font Formulas for Crystal Reports, which are special barcode formulas that do not require a barcode UFL. Using this technique, there are no additional DLLs or UFLs to distribute to obtain the functionality needed for bar code fonts. These formulas are only provided in purchased versions of IDAutomation’s barcode font products and appear in the “Font Tools\Crystal Reports Formulas” folder of the ZIP file. To obtain these formulas, the latest version of the IDAutomation barcode font is necessary.

Download the current version of any IDAutomation product with an active Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.

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