Encode Multiple Aztec Barcode Symbols

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Encode Multiple Aztec Barcode Symbols

This KB article describes how to encode and parse data within multiple 2D Aztec symbols, similar to Macro PDF417. After the symbols are read by a scanner, the data is parsed together automatically.

The barcodes below were created using the IDAutomation Aztec Forms Control, with the “NumberOfSymbols” property set to 2. The data “IDAutomation.com, Inc.” is encoded and split between them, creating two smaller symbols:

Multiple Aztec Barcodes

The first symbol contains the encoded data “IDAutomation”, and the second symbol contains “.com, Inc.”, along with a two-character prefix before each data string. These prefixes are a two-letter code, such as “AB” and “BB”, that show up before each part when scanned.

The first letter indicates which symbol in the series was scanned, the second indicates the total number of symbols in the series. Therefore, if there were three symbols in the series then the indicators would read “AC” for the first, “BC” for the second, and “CC” for the third. For six symbols, they would be “AF”, “BF”, “CF” etc.

In the example above, the first barcode will yield the data “ABIDAutomation”, the second will yield the data, “BB.com, Inc.”