BeOS – Installing TrueType Barcode Fonts

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BeOS – Installing TrueType Barcode Fonts

BeOS includes a TrueType font rendering component that displays TrueType Barcode Fonts in any size. The standard set of TrueType fonts included with the BeOS is stored in /boot/beos/etc/fonts/ttfonts. These are the default system fonts, and should not be changed.

Additional TrueType fonts can either be purchased or downloaded in Windows format and added to BeOS.

  • Place the fonts in the /boot/home/config/fonts/ttfonts folder.
  • To instruct the BeOS to look at the new fonts, click the Rescan button in the Fonts window—or just reboot. The fonts are automatically rescanned when BeOS starts up.

To add PostScript fonts, make a new psfonts folder in /boot/home/config/fonts, and add the fonts there. Rescan or reboot, as before.