Using Crystal Reports UFL on Citrix or Terminal Server

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Using Crystal Reports UFL on Citrix or Terminal Server


Recommended Solution:

IDAutomation has recently created Crystal Font Formulas that embed directly into the report. The formulas solve this issue because the UFL is not required when they are used.

Previous Solution:

If Citrix, Winframe or Microsoft Terminal Server are being used, the necessary DLL’s need to be copied to the folder where Crystal Reports is installed. For example, copy CRUFLidautomation.dll and U2lcom.dll to \program files\seagate software\crystal reports\.

IDAutomation’s Crystal Reports UFL / DLL (CRUFLidautomation.dll) must be installed and registered on the Server or PC; to obtain this file, run the EXE version of the Crystal Reports Barcode UFL. Then, CRUFLidautomation.dll should be in the system directory with U2lcom.dll.

To use the UFL for barcode font formulas, the Seagate runtime U2lcom.dll is required in addition to other Crystal runtime DLLs. Please refer to the Crystal Reports Support site for solutions to this issue.