Crystal Reports error: “The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula”

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Crystal Reports error: “The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula”


“The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula” error in Crystal Reports can have several different causes. In every case, the cause is that the formula cannot be processed.

This error may be related to the following products:
Native Crystal Barcode Generator
Crystal Font Formulas with Fonts
Crystal UFL with Fonts

  1. This error can occur if a report using a UFL was distributed to a computer that does not have the UFL installed. The UFL is a legacy product that should only be used when other options are not available. In the latest IDAutomation font packages, a Crystal Report example with a Font Encoder Formula is provided in the package for easy integration. IDAutomation recommends using the Font Encoder Formulas instead of the UFL.
  2. If this error occurs on the PC where the report is modified, make sure the formula was entered correctly and with the proper syntax for the version of Crystal Reports running.
  3. In some cases, it may be necessary to use a process of elimination to find the issue. Open the example provided in the “\Integration\” folder of the ZIP file and use that as a working example. Make a copy of this report and add the custom modifications necessary one at a time to find the source of the error.
  4. This error can occur if a report using a formula was distributed to a computer with a version that does not support the source code in the formula. To solve this issue, update Crystal Reports to the version the formula is compatible with on all PCs using the report and double-check the compatibility of any modifications made to the code. The formulas are only provided in purchased versions of the barcode font products and appear in the “\Integration\” folder of the ZIP file. The latest version of IDAutomation’s barcode font product is needed in order to obtain these formulas.
  5. Make sure all patches and updates to Crystal are installed.
  6. If a runtime version of Crystal Reports is used, make sure all of the runtime DLLs are installed. Please refer to the Crystal Reports Support site for solutions to this issue.
  7. If this error is occurring with the UFL and the Font Encoder Formulas are not an option, try the following:
    1. Try to execute the barcode formula with static data, for example, if using the UFL enter:
      If the static field does not generate an error and formats text to the barcode font, then the UFL and font are working properly and the problem is most likely one of the following listed below. To obtain support for these issues, contact SAP Crystal Reports Support:
    2. Required Runtime DLLs are not installed or are corrupted.
    3. The report was not compiled before distribution.
    4. The user does not have access to retrieve correct data.
    5. Corrupted report.
    6. The latest updates to Crystal need to be installed.