Distributing Fonts with Custom Applications

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Distributing Fonts with Custom Applications

Described below are methods to distribute barcode fonts with a custom application.


Note: Distribution of IDAutomation fonts outside an organization requires a Developer License:

Fonts can be installed on Windows PCs by copying them into the \Windows\Fonts directory during the setup or installation process. The computer must be rebooted for the fonts to become active, but this may not complete the process. The fonts may have to be viewed via Control Panel – Fonts before the fonts will “register” and be active.

The best and most dependable method is to use a setup or installation program such as Create Install. There is also a free version of Create Install available for download. Many other installation programs register the font as it is copied to the Windows\Fonts folder, so rebooting the computer is not usually required. The Visual Basic 6.0 package and deployment wizard as well as some other setup applications have this capability. When a font is added to a project, the wizard will create an entry in the SETUP.LST file similar to the following:
File2=@Code39a.ttf,$(Font),,$(Shared),3/26/00 9:51:56 PM,11636,

Be aware that some bugs have been reported with the Visual Basic 6.0 and deployment packages. However, the fonts will usually work after the computer reboots and the font is selected in Control Panel – Fonts.