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Distorted Barcode | Consolas Font | Crystal Native Generator

A distorted barcode issue may occur when using the Consolas Font with Unicode Image products such as the Crystal Reports Barcode Generator or the Access Native Generator. The distorted image will appear with very small question marks. The issue is caused by an old version of the Consolas font which does not correctly display the unicode block characters. This has been known to occur on Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows.

To resolve the issue:

  1. On the PC having the issue, open Control panel and remove the Consolas Fonts, all 4 of them.
  2. Locate a Windows 10 or later version of Windows computer and copy the consolas fonts, all 4 of them to PC having the issue.
  3. On the PC having the issue, right-click on these fonts and choose Install.
  4. Reboot after installation. The issue should be resolved.

IDAutomation also offers the “IDAutomation2D S” font which can be used in place of a system font. To use this font, download the Universal 2D Font and install the “IDAutomation2D S” font from the package. After installation, select the “IDAutomation2D S” font instead of Courier New or Consolas to generate the symbols.

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