Distributing DLLs with a Custom Application

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Distributing DLLs with a Custom Application

NOTE: Distribution of IDAutomation fonts or components outside an organization requires a Developer License.

Components such as ActiveX Controls and DLLs can be installed on Windows PCs by copying them into the \Windows\System directory during the setup or installation process and then registering the component. Below is a sample of a SETUP.LST file used by the Visual Basic package and deployment wizard.

The best and most dependable method is to use a setup or installation program such as Create Install. There is also a free version of Create Install available for download. In the setup generator application, choose the “Register as OCX or DLL” option for each COM or ActiveX DLL file.

[Setup1 Files]
File1=@CRUFLBizFonts.dll,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),5/19/00 1:30:04 PM,94208,