Solutions to the following .NET errors:

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Solutions to the following .NET errors:

  • “Name ‘IDAutomation’ is not declared”
  • “Type ‘IDAutomation.Windows.Forms.LinearBarCode.Barcode’ is not defined.”

Applies to:

This problem usually occurs because the project cannot find the path to the .NET Component DLL. This is common when a project that was distributed with the .NET Component is opened for the first time.

This also could be caused by a bug in the VS.NET 2002 software. This bug deletes all the controls from a form when the view is switched between form view and code view. Microsoft has an update for this bug and it is posted on their Visual Studio .NET web site.


Add a reference to the project. For example:

In VB.NET, open the project and display the form that is to be added to the barcode. Choose View – Toolbox to display the Toolbox. Right-click on the Toolbox and choose Customize Toolbox. Choose the .NET Framework Components folder. Choose Browse and select the barcode control.

Choose Project – Add Reference if the control is not to be added to a form.