Printing the Space Symbol with Barcode Fonts

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Printing the Space Symbol with Barcode Fonts

It is often necessary to print the barcode symbol representing a space character. However, the symbol representing the space cannot always be printed because an actual space usually appears instead.


The best way to do this is to use IDAutomation’s font encoders to automatically convert the space to the proper character in the font. A few other options exist:

  • Included in the latest version of the Code 39 FontsSymbol Encoded Fonts may be used to encode the space character without a substitution character. To print the space symbol in the standard Code 39 Fonts, use “_” (the underscore) or “=” (the equal character) instead of a space.
  • To print the barcode representing a space symbol in Code 128 Fonts, use ASCII 194 instead of ASCII 32.